ronaldo-messiCurrently, the highest paid soccer star in the World is Cristiano Ronaldo. He joined Real Madrid in 2009 for record figure which saw him become the world’s most expensive player. The player then signed a lucrative five-year contract with Real Madrid in 2013. The contract worth a staggering £76 million deal will see him at the club until 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo is paid a salary of £288,000 per week. This salary includes performance bonuses and other player benefits. In total the player earns nearly fifteen million pounds per year.

Real Madrid offered the Portuguese international a unique contact in which the player is paid after tax. This means the club pays the player’s taxes for him then pays him his salary. So the player costs Real Madrid approximately thirty million pounds annually. There is only one other player in the football industry with a similar contract. Lionel Messi was also given a salary after tax contact by Barcelona in 2014.

However, the Barcelona star earns nearly £13,000 less per week than Cristiano Ronaldo. This puts him £600,000 behind Cristiano Ronaldo annually.ronaldo-messi2The two football superstars are always exchanging position on the highest paid player list. Just as they exchange most of the top football awards. Football fans also place bets on which one of the two is the best soccer player in the world. Sports betting online started in 2004, the most bets being placed on American football, Basketball, Baseball, and Boxing at the professional level.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has several endorsement deals from Blue chip companies including Fly Emirates that see him earn close to thirty million United States dollars every year. As at year end, 2015 Ronaldo was set to have made nearly eighty million United States dollars in that year alone. This made him the third highest paid sports person and the highest paid athlete in a team sport.

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