Fast-rising Los Angeles band The Neighbourhood are primed and ready to launch their EP ‘I’m Sorry’ on a world that will enthusiastically eat up their brand of dark pop. Bearing this inevitable interest and level of almost overnight succcess it will bring Fame to chat to the band before the press line gets too long to join.

Hi guys so what can you tell us about your new EP I’m Sorry?

Yo! Our new EP “I’m Sorry…” well be released May 7th for free on our website. It consists of five songs (including “Sweater Weather” & “Female Robbery”).

Where would you pigeon hole your music?

Fucking rad. Haha, umm… our music is a mixture of rock&roll, indie and hip-hop. It’s really just music we genuinely love making; it comes very natural.

How did the band form?

We’re all literally just best friends. Making music together just seemed like the right thing to do.

What inpires your music, do yo have creative input?

We all listen to a wide variety of music, we get most of our inspiration from cool shit that we would want to hear someone do, but that no one is doing.

How well do the band get on personally, have you bonded as friends?

We hang out every day. Whether it was a band or a fucking law firm, we would do it together. This is our team.

Did the band members dreams of musical stardom, or did it come as a pleasant surprise?

We like to think that dreams are kind of bullshit. We set goals, and we have been working to achieve those goals. So far so good 🙂

How does it feel to be on the cusp of stardom, did you see it coming?

We all definitely had our sights set on all of this. It’s awesome to see our hard work paying off.

Where will The Neighbourhood be in 2013?

Touring the shit out of the world. Writing, recording, making rad shit

What do the band members do to chill out?

We fucking love ping pong.

Will there be further releases by the band in 2012?

Definitely 🙂

Have you any tour/live show plans for 2012?

We have a short Californian run in May with The Wombats, which will be followed by a lot of touring in and around California. After that we plan to come to Europe in September
‘IM’ SORRY’ is out TODAY (MAY 7TH)