The Mercy Stone’s HERE AND THERE Is packed With Sincerity

Scott Grady is the founder of The Mercy Stone, a 12-piece strong ensemble that fuses genres within the worlds of rock, jazz and classical music. With their albums Guettoblaster and Above The Towers receiving rapturous acclaim, we’re excited to present Here and Therethe band’s first release from their upcoming LP.

The single is diverse, moving, and packed with multi-layered instrumentation. Built on sublime melodies, subtle synthwork and gentle guitars, Here and There sings, blending genres sat within pop, folk and electronica – but none of that really matters. The Mercy Stone’s music doesn’t need to be wrapped up in genre definitions.

Scott explains: “I like to have a certain amount of ambiguity in all of the songs/lyrics that I write. So, I avoid ‘on the nose’ explanations of song lyrics. However, this song obviously is dealing with images of love and its absence.”

With lead vocals coming from Sorell, aged just 16, there is abundant talent within The Mercy Stone’s ranks. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming LP…