The MERCY STONE Release New Single PALE MOON

The Mercy Stone are an inspiring troop of artists united in their cause for creating leftfield-pop offerings that flirt between commercial and classic in their composition. This time, it comes in the form of Pale Moon which continues to raise the bar in terms of their writing, and the release is accompanied by a lockdown video.

Discussing the release, Scott Grady (the bands founder) explains: Pale Moon is an upbeat song about darkness and betrayal.  The music was written and rewritten four different times over the course of several years before it coalesced into this final version.”

Forging a road between traditionally focussed methods of writing and popular culture, the band is reminiscent of The National and early Sharon Van Etten, as well the likes of Lana Del Rey and Vampire Weekend. The band has talent of all ages within its ranks, and they’ve already had a great start to 2020 in terms of streaming and blog pickup for Here and There, and their most recent single Speechless picking up streams via Youtube