Campaign calling out McDonalds launches – Starts a ‘scary’ trend

Did you know that one billion chickens are raised and killed for food every year in the UK, with 95% of them reared in intensive factory farms?

That’s a heck of a lot of chicken nuggets, and yet McDonalds don’t seem interested in making changes.

Under McDonald’s new “improved welfare” policy, chickens raised and killed for its menu are still bred to grow so large and so fast that they can become immobilised under the weight of their own bodies, often unable to stand or walk and left to lie in their own excrement. if we humans grew at a rate similar to McDonald’s chickens, we would weigh 300kg at just two months old.

That’s why The Humane League have launched The Party’s Over, a new campaign calling out McDonalds on their policies and to quit being a #McGhoster.

Accompanying the campaign is a video set in a fictional version of ‘McDonalds Mansion’ following a huge party. As we watch over the messy scenes we hear angry voicemails left by people who felt that they were misled and ghosted by the host of the party.

The campaign has made traction, with 21,000 people signing the petition in the first few days, and hoards of Twitter users sending ghost images and emojis to the McDonalds CEO.

Rather than asking people to boycott McDonald’s, The Humane League is simply calling on the fast food chain to improve animal welfare in its supply chain and publicly commit to the ‘Better Chicken Commitment’ and the North American equivalent.

So, what do you think, have McDonalds been McGhosting their responsibilities?

Sign the petition and help make chickens voices heard.