THe LYONZ Turn Up The Heat Again With New EP

By Vasco Dega

Canadian Duo, THe LYONZ are keeping the heat on with their third new EP. Birds Eye View and Strangers in The Endless see the experimental hip hop duo primed at their best, pushing more boundaries and creating awesome tracks like never before.

The first of the two tracks, Birds Eye View is a smooth groovy cut about the realization of what love means and speaks about looking back upon the past from a bird’s eye view. The track twinkles with bubbling bass and fizzing synth as sun-drenched washed-out atmospheres wrap around thoughtful raps and funky guitar with ease.

Strangers in The Endless depicts a story of strangers linked through the infinite web of the digital world: ‘‘Hashtag so she gives in her number but deep down ain’t feeling the joy, Nowadays it’s all about numbers, but common sense doesn’t get you employed”, raps Terrell McLeod Richardson, as the track’s weaving rhymes discuss feeling emptiness and confusion at the instant social media world in which we now live half of our lives.