THE LAST MORRELL Drops Warming Vintage Sounding Debut EP SARCASM


Hotly tipped Yorkshire artist The Last Morrell has released his debut EP, Sarcasm and it’s rich with warming vintage sounds. Take for example opening track The Party. It wastes no time in hitting you with a Stevie Wonder style groove and captivating chord progression that leads into The Last Morrell’s soaring vocal.

The Party tells the story of getting stuck at a social occasion, unable to tear yourself away from the hedonist temptations a party offers up. This song beautifully captures the pace of a party and a swirling climax plunges the listener deeper into the darker parts of a misspent evening.

With this EP that is overflowing with beautiful harmony and high-caliber musicianship, The Last Morrell is sure to capture the attention of punters and musos alike, offering up a musical journey with insightful and at times, humorous storytelling. It’s no wonder Jessie Ware has recently become enamoured with his music, giving him his first spin on BBC Radio 1.