The Last Morrell Shares Sarcastic, Thought-Provoking Single ANOTHER BOY

Sounding remarkably like Sir Paul McCartney, yet only a youngster, Yorkshire based The Last Morrell has delivered a soft psychedelic pop track Another Boy that is sharp in its thought-provoking look at male identity.

“I guess I reached an age where I realised that despite all of our modern-day efforts to individualise ourselves on social media or through fashion or whatever, we are all essentially the same as everyone else. Our identities and behaviours are all taught to us and we can quickly unravel them and strip them away. Men are having a hard time with this particularly as masculinity as we once knew it seems a bit redundant, we’re all thinking about what being a man is all about in 2019. This song is a tongue-in-cheek look at my own anxieties about my identity and growing up.” says The Last Morrell.

Organs and retro synth sounds surround the jaunty track as The Last Morrell’s voice calms the ear and soars in equal measure. It’s clever and on-topic writing wrapped in a warm engaging production.

The Last Morrell’s first headline show at The Servant Jazz Quarters in London on October 17th is expected to sell out.