The Importance Of Networking For Businesses

By Vanessa B

To improve your chances for career development and professional success, business networking is one of the best resources you have to improve your chances. A strong network of industry professionals can provide up to the minute job leads, possibilities for advancement, and opportunities for personal improvement.

As the world begins its economic recovery, you can greatly improve your chances of finding a new job and advancing your career if you understand the importance of business networking. 

In this article, we take a deep dive into what business networking is , how it works, why it is important, and how you can start doing it. 

What is business networking?

Simply, business networking is the act of building, maintaining and growing a professional network of business contacts that you can use to support your career ambitions and the prospects of your business network. 

Your business network should be made up of people you interact with in a professional capacity. Especially those who you can support and be supported by in the advancement of your respective career and business interests.

It is important that you remember networking is a two-way street and you should be ready to support your network of contacts more often than you ask for support and advancement. It is often helpful to view your business network as a community, rather than be cynically involved in advancing your career. 

Why is business networking important?

All businesses and people have career objectives and goals. Reaching these objectives are almost always entirely based on the input, support and consumption of other people. 

A vast business network is therefore vital to helping you spread the word, find opportunities and get in front of the right people to reach your objectives and goals. 

Additionally, the wider your business network becomes the more people might remember you when they need the help of an expert.  

How to start business networking?

Traditionally, business networking has happened at physical workplaces and at large-scale, industry-relevant business networking events. But today, there are myriad ways to network with people on a global scale. Giving a better chance of improving your career. 

Social media business networking platforms such as LinkedIn offer you the opportunity to search for the right people to network with. Of course, you need to be proactive in this and regularly commit to expanding your business network. 

As we said before, business networking is ultimately about building a strong community of industry-relevant contacts. Nurture your business network, support your contacts and watch as your network helps you reach your business goals.


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