By Frank Bell

Bristolian rabble-rousers The Hideaways return with their sophomore single of the year You’re Everything, a bold track that shows their impressive dynamic ability.

With whirring synths, raging riffs and dashes of electronica, they create a vast, futuristic soundscape that teeters between floaty and ferocious. Brimming with emotion and energy, it is an experimental avenue for the four piece, however by continuing to work alongside prestigious producer Matt Glasbey (Editors, Zooni and Marmozets), they still cling onto their classic Hideaways flair. “It’s the most electronic song we’ve recorded so far. We’ve flirted with that side of things before but with You’re Everything we really wanted to lean into it and get all glitchy and frantic.” Danny elaborates, “Obviously we made sure to keep boatloads of guitars in it and Jack is still battering his drums just in case people are worried that we’re turning into a Depeche Mode tribute act.”

Having experienced success with their previous releases, with last year’s Luminescence racking up over 22,000 streams on Spotify alone, The Hideaways are on track for a rollicking 2021, and You’re Everything is sure to catapult them forwards.