thegentspackAre you asking yourself…”What great­ fitting,confidence­ boosting underwear do I like?”, and “What bold socks that put a smile on faces, do I like?” or “What hangover face­ refreshing cream, grooming products do I like?”.

Well…online retail start­up The Gents Pack, is aiming to spruce up the modern man. Their service offers a one-off pack, or as a monthly subscription, designer underwear, socks and quality grooming products delivered straight to your door.thegentspack underwear3You simply select the type and style of products you like and each month they’ll hand pick perfect pieces based on your choices.thegentspack socks1thegentspack grooming5Brand’s founder and underwear fan, James T Fletcher, talks to FM about his new exclusive service:

What inspired you to create The Gents Pack?

I really was frustrated buying items online, looking for quality without a stupidly high price tag! With the Gents Pack I wanted to create an online club that rewarded its members for being part of it. Not by how much income you have, which job title defines you etc.

Can you describe in 5 words (or more) The Gents Pack?

Premium. Adventurous. Quality. Personalised. Inclusive.

How do you hope these hand-picked range make your clients feel?

I’ve heard all sorts of stories from the guy who rips the package open to see his products, to the guy who sits down on a Friday night and takes his time to unpack the box. So I hope we provide an element of excitement and luxury into a monthly delivery / online shop. Rather than an airmail bag or box which rocks up on your doorstep.

And…As a special promotion, for FM readers only, you get an exclusive 20% off, on both the subscription and online shop, just including the special discount code FAME2016.