South London alternative folk band The Frisbys – twin sisters, Helen (vocals, flute) and Nicola Frisby (vocals, acoustic guitar) – released a FREE DOWNLOAD double a-side single ‘Give in to the dark’ / ‘Born and Raised’.

Their much anticipated EP ‘The Cause’, out on 29th January 2016 via Dantobaccus Records, it will no doubt cement their reputation for compelling songwriting and rousing harmonies…

Hello! Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?

Hello! I am Helen and I am part of alternative folk band The Frisbys. We all hail from the South London area and our harmony based sound has been compared the likes of The Staves, First Aid Kit and Fleetwood Mac.

Who have been your main influences as an artist?

Every band member has their own individual influences which vary from rap and rock to country but I suppose as a collective we formed over a love of bands such as The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Carole King and Fleetwood Mac.

My twin sister and I probably first heard ‘close’ harmony on my parent’s Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ record when we were growing up. I really think that influenced us massively, almost on a subconscious level, as we were never happy just singing the main melody line of a song. It felt like a waste of a person and so from that moment we would always arrange vocal parts in two part harmonies. I still do it now, even during Karaoke. It’s a terrible habit really!

And how do you think they have helped you develop your sound as a musician?

I think our influences tend to feature through our arrangements and our choice of instrumentation. As a band our sound does vary and we don’t tend to worry about sticking religiously to a particular genre. For us, this variety is ‘our’ sound. I often find if I’ve been listening to a particular style of music I will unintentionally replicate that genre or style. I think this is why our music tends to sway from country, folk, pop and even progressive rock. It’s because we are influenced by so much music and we are constantly being inspired by different ideas and bands.The Frisbys1 In the run up to Christmas the classic tunes will be everywhere again. What is your opinion of Christmas music? Would you ever do a festive tune yourself?

I love Christmas and Christmas music. I’m one of those annoying people who could happily listen to a Christmas song in the middle of July. Some of the other band members can be a little Grinch – like around this time of year but they definitely all have their own favourite song. We’ve actually been trying to sort out a Christmas cover for our December gigs but the trouble is finding a song that we can all agree on. People tend to have unusually strong opinions about Christmas songs!

The old classics are my favourites but I’d really like to hear some more modern Christmas tunes. There doesn’t seem to be many new songs coming out, maybe because it’s so tricky to make them sound non-cheesy. I’ve actually started to write a couple of my own Christmas tunes in recent weeks as I so desperately wanted a Christmassy song in our set. Who knows, maybe if the band like it we’ll release it as our first Christmas single next year!

Who would you put in your dream supergroup?

This is a tricky question but after a discussion with Sam (guitarist) we’ve settled on:
Leland Sklar – Bass (He has worked with everyone and has an amazing beard).
Jerry Douglas – Slide Guitar
Don Henley – Singer
Guthrie Govan – Guitarist
Phil Collins – Drums
Chris Thile – Mandolin
Carole King – Piano and song writing.

Not sure what sort of band this will be but it would be undeniably epic with these members in it.

What can we expect at a Frisbys gig?

Expect lots of harmonies and intricate instrumentation. We vary between upbeat songs and ambient haunting tracks. The main aim is just to make our audience feel something when they listen to our music.

What are your plans for 2016?

We’ve just released our new double A-side single, ‘Born and Raised’/Give in to the Dark’ as a free download and will be releasing our new EP ‘The Cause’ on the 29th January 2016.

We will be following that up with a UK tour in the New Year and will then begin to work on our debut album. In 2016 the aim is to showcase our music to as many people as possible.