THE FAMOUS DAXX Looks To The Future With Retro Single GAMBLE

By Vee D

Munich-born, London-based artist The Famous Daxx may not be known to you yet but with songs like Gamble she is surely set for big things. Gamble is a stylish moody ballad about being stuck and pondering the future, carried by Daxx’s soft vocals and psychedelic guitars.

Daxx’s musical palette takes in a wide range of influences from classical music through opera and jazz to the guitar-driven music of the 60s, 70s, and 90s, and on Gamble we get an introspective retro spaghetti-western sounding track that’s very pleasing on the ear and a promising calling card of a blossoming artist making thoughtful and striking music.

While her lyrics are not specifically feminist, they convey experiences that are inherent to being a woman at a certain time and place. Seeing feminism more as a conviction to live by every day than an abstract concept, it was only natural that when it came to choosing her session musicians, Daxx decided to put together a band of female players. Seeing the studio as a most vulnerable place, recording only with female session musicians gave Daxx the safe and empowering space that she needed to open up to and connect with the musicians in the room and bring her songs to life.