SESOME-Festival_Guide-Infographic1AMost of the big festivals are over now, however there are always some great festivals to be found if one looks hard enough … and there’s always next year. Now if you’re planning on going to any next year, you have to make sure you pack properly. It can be a slippy road to mud-ville if you don’t pack the essentials.SESOME-Festival_Guide-Infographic1bThe festival season…Meaning a great excuse to dance in a field to your favourite bands, mingle with likeminded people and become very merry indeed. While many head off to their usual favourites, well-prepared and ready to go, for festival first-timers, planning and packing can prove rather daunting.SESOME-Festival_Guide-Infographic2What you should take to a festival really depends on which festival you’re going to, as of course they can vary greatly. A one-day indie festival at a park in London will evidently require a different packing list to a weekend-long electronic music camping event in Croatia, but for inspiration here’s our essential packing guide for a festival, particularly aimed at those braving it under a tent for a couple of nights!SESOME-Festival_Guide-Infographic3
Take a look at the infographic HERE as it might just save your life!