The ‘EP Bellevue’ by EisZ is a very chill and tempting album to give in to

His natural, organic sound is buried deep on every track.
26 October 2022

After collaborating with many French artists such as Boo Graz, Casey, Le Rat Luciano (Fonky Family) o Demi Portion, French beatmaker/producer EisZ just had his first EP Bellevue out. EisZ is a native of Le Mans who later moved to Mandelieu in the South of France.

The EP has a chilled-out sound and an engaging summery mood, it really sounds like you’re in the south of France, or somewhere like that.

The EP Bellevue by EisZ is a chill beats album that’s tempting to indulge in. Easy to let go of all tension and anxiety with the help of his electric piano sounds, strings, flute, clarinet, saxophone and guitar.

Bellevue is the precious fruit of EisZ’s collaboration with Odaiba (who worked with Anna Majidson, Youssoupha, Georgio, Redbull or Ableton), Jérôme Dragin on Guitar and Mireille Freydier on Saxophone (Orchestre d’harmonie d’Antibes).

EisZ’s offering comes from his passion for Hip-Hop culture and influences. His natural, organic sound is buried deep on every track. It’s raw and alive, primordial sounds that add a unique groove of humanity to this EP. The artwork cover is by n.o.n.e.xistent

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