The Enigmatic ANDREWW Serves Up His Newest Track MEDUSA

By H Writes

Releasing his new not to be missed single today is the multifaceted artist Andreww. Formerly a part of the international fashion scene, he gained considerable success with debut single Talking To Myself, and now follows it up with Medusa.

He has worked with Berlin’s Markus Ganter on production, and it comes inspired by the messy entanglements of a toxic relationship. Bringing together a mesh of growling guitar riffs and trickling 808s, Medusa has an incredibly infectious hook that embodies vibrancy and more melancholic reflection.

Explaining its essence, Andreww shares: “As much as people didn’t want to look at Medusa they still did. It’s the same with toxic relationships. No matter how bad they are for you, you can’t help but stay in them. Medusa’ is about these toxic relationships and all the two-faced feelings that come with them. The inner conflict also reflects in the music; clashing trap, grunge and pop against each other kind of shows that things that sometimes aren’t meant to be together, still end up staying together.”


Photo by Manuel Nagel