By Cathy Black
AFTER a year spent touring America, breaking limbs and getting all their gear stolen, the The Duke Spirit are back on form and coming to Belfast with their new album.

In a climate where rock’n’roll means wearing the same jeans for four days straight, this band definitely belong to a more illustrious British lineage: MBV, The Stones, and JAMC.
Following rave reviews and support tours with everyone from Mercury Rev to Kasabian, the band naturally found America calling. Two hundred and eighty-five gigs later, they came home.
Put down to touring, chemical imbalance and a ferocious self-belief, The Duke Spirit feel their second album Neptune is a vindication an old school work ethic.
Produced by desert rock guru Chris Goss, whose credits include Soulwax and Queens of the Stone Age, it has the absolute feel of a classic.
It is the band’s winning moment, signalling a new beginning.
So if you are looking for a band versed in rock’n’roll mythology and boasting outsider art sensibilities check out The Duke Spirit.

Monday 31st MARCH
TICKETS: £12.50
DOORS: 9pm