TheDukeSpiritLondon 4-piece The Duke Spirit – Liela Moss (words, vocals and piano), Toby Butler (bass, guitars, synth and piano) Luke Ford (guitars) and Olly Betts (drums) – are back with their best material to date, with new album ‘KIN’, out now via Red Essential.

To get a taste of their reflective and hypnotically alluring sound, here’s the Steve Gullick-directed video, for standout track ‘Wounded Wing’, featuring vocals by Mark Lanegan.

Hi the Duke Spirit! How’s it going?

Busy! Driving to the finest record stores in the land to play instores.

Your new album ‘KIN’ is absolutely incredible – what do think makes it stand out from your previous releases? it’s so much more harmonic and languid. We left the rawk and focused on teh roll this time around, and i think its suits us.

Describe your sound in five words:

Raw, vulnerable, tremulous, tender, scuzzy!

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Im asking the boys whilst on a car journey and so far they’ve shouted these names to me from the back ‘Ronan Keating’, ‘Howard Donald’, ‘Ollie Murs’. For fuck sake. I suggest, Lou Reed.

What’s your latest release ‘Wounded Wing’ all about?

Mind your own business! Umm, it is actually some meandering thoughts about various friends or acquaintances who, over time, manifested their vulnerability or anxieties through their body…I saw a kind of reduced energy that in the way they moved. Some sadness or fear ossified within their body and changed the way they carried themselves. It was sad to watch.

Favourite city/venue to perform in so far?

Wilton’s Music Hall in Whitechapel was stunning! Leeds and Manchester are always awesome. Berlin has often been intense and exciting. I have great memories of playing Lee’s Palace in Toronto. The park stage at Glastonbury a few years back is still one of my favourite memories.TheDukeSpirit2 Any funny stories from being on the road?

Not that id share with a stranger on email but yes many, some involving dancing with the audience out on the pavement after a show in Ann Arbour and playing darts, I think. Lost passports, leaving band members behind state lines and asking your tour manager to stand in on bass. Chaos.

Playing any festivals this year?

Yep, Field Day, Standon Calling, Boardmasters, Leopallooza.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

We are about to have a load of writing sessions in Somerset and Hackney. Sandwich a few radio show hosting sessions in between also…

Live Dates:
10th Oct Patterns – Brighton
12th Oct – The Rainbow – Birmingham
13th Oct – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds
14th Oct – King Tuts – Glasgow
15th Oct – Think Tank – Newcastle
17th Oct – Gorilla – Manchester
18th Oct – The Bodega – Nottingham
19th Oct – The Fleece – Bristol
20th Oct – The Scala – London
23rd Oct – Hafenklang – Hamburg
24th Oct – Bi Nuu – Berlin
25th Oct – Kranhalle – Munich
27th Oct – Zakk – Düsseldorf
31st Oct – Point Ephemere – Paris