Defects live at The Pavillion, Belfast.
There’s something to be said about experience and these guys are proof that you have to work at your craft to get it right. Energetic lively and full of teenage angst despite them being just a short time out of their teens – lol
This is by far the best attended gig I’ve seen in The Pavillion lately and I don’t just mean in terms of the number of people but the crowd reaction and interaction.

Im writing this as the defects are on stage and I can’t believe they are the support act, I’m now looking forward to seeing the headliner! That’s how you run a gig, don’t stick shite on for fear of them being better than you – find the best act possible and man up…..

Brilliant punk rock and I’m not ashamed to say the defects have renewed my love of this music genre.

Buck is an excellent frontman and the younger bands around should spend more time watching and learning from guys like this!

Since writing the above I found out the boys were actually meant to be the headliners!

By the way my friend Bridgene said: “these guys are brilliant they are jumping all over the place I didn’t even know they were just the support act”
By Tina Calder