The Covasettes are back, shining with ‘The Memory Chaser’

“It’s heartbreaking and painfully honest but that’s how I like my lyrics to be"
13 October 2023

Following a summer filled with extensive tours and standout performances at prestigious festivals such as Truck, Y Not Festival, and Tramlines, the indie-pop sensation, The Covasettes, are back in the spotlight with their latest single, The Memory Chaser. This track provides a captivating preview of what’s to come in their eagerly awaited upcoming EP, What’s Lost is Ours To Find.

Crafted under the watchful eye of producer Jamie McIntyre (Voodoo Bandits), mixed by the skilled hands of John Catlin (Inhaler), and mastered by the acclaimed Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin (known for his work with Sea Girls and Sundara Karma), The Memory Chase‘ kicks off with a absorbing, reverb-drenched guitar chord sequence, creating a vast and immersive sonic landscape. The inviting, infectious vocals swiftly join the ensemble, accelerating the tempo alongside dynamic drums, anchoring basslines, and strummed guitars, propelling the composition forward with unwavering determination.

Delving into the narrative behind the track, the band elucidates, “It’s heartbreaking and painfully honest but that’s how I like my lyrics to be. It’s a story about becoming lost in a relationship and chasing those feelings that have become lost over time and becoming dependent on nostalgia to justify why you’re still together.”

As the track progresses through its irresistibly catchy choruses, it builds towards a climactic, euphoric zenith. The intertwining guitar lines and soaring vocals encapsulate the vibrant energy synonymous with The Covasettes‘ electrifying live performances. Infused with a whimsical sense of melancholy and ethereal wonder, especially prominent in the chorus, the band showcases an uncanny ability to weave intricate, guitar-led soundscapes infused with a youthful and captivating indie-pop essence.

Since their formation, The Covasettes have experienced a remarkable rise. Without a doubt, the band has solidified their position as one of the most thrilling emerging Indie acts in the UK.

Photos by Ianthe Warlow