The Cougar phenomenon Is Turning Women’s Clock Back

A study this week has revealed that having a younger partner knocks an average of four years off a woman’s age.

The research revealed that women who have toy boys consider themselves younger at heart than women who date or are married to older men.

Courtney Cox in Cougar Town

The survey was carried out among 1,000 over-30 women with a younger boyfriend or husband. Four in ten admitted having a younger man made them feel more youthful with more than half saying their partner’s energy had rubbed off on them.

A tendency to enjoy more outdoors activities and mix with people who have more youthful hobbies and past-times emerged as the biggest contributors to their happiness.

Dating younger men knocks four years off a woman's age

Mel Kirk of dating site, which commissioned the survey commented, It’s always been suspected having a younger man makes you feel younger but we’ve actually pin-pointed by how much.

Whether it means you go out more, dress differently or try new things you wouldn’t normally have done, it seems having a younger man is the answer.

Our members are proud of their dating habits and are quick to provide detailed feedback on the site about how great meeting a younger man makes them feel.Thanks to an increase in high profile toyboy relationships and the new US TV show, Cougar Town , which sees Courtney Cox play a divorcee who starts dating younger men, the trend is gathering pace here in the UK and we’ve seen traffic increase by 102% since it first aired.

This is the largest increase we’ve seen in the ten years since launching and shows that women are no longer secretive about their preferences for the younger man.

Our women know what they want and this is reflected in the typically detailed, intellectual profiles they post on the site.

They’reforward-thinking and dont want to waste time they want a man who’ll make them feel younger, won’t be set in his ways and has a relaxed, fun outlook on life.

The cougar dating trend is another great symbol of empowerment for women and it’s spreading throughout the world. With this in mind, we’re aiming to launch in the USA, South Africa and Ireland in the coming weeks.

Of those surveyed, three in ten enjoy more outdoor activities and the same number wear clothes which make them look and feel younger. A quarter have got into hobbies they otherwise wouldn’t have contemplated attempting and 27% venture to pubs and nightclubs more.

When it came to comparing going out with younger men to someone older, youth came out top: More than a third (36%) said older men are more set in their ways, grumpy (27%) and more serious (22%), while one in five reckon they are more boring, out of shape and too serious.

Toy boys, on the other hand, are more likely to make them laugh, be fun to be with and have a relaxed attitude to life.

Of those who were previously married or with an older man, one in six admitted to being on the look-out for someone younger.

Almost two thirds (61%) would encourage other women to find a toy boy and 46% feel younger than friends of a similar age who have an older man in their lives. is a toyboy dating site which has been established in the UK for ten years and will soon be expanding into the USA, South Africa and Ireland.