The Blogger’s Guide to Staying Connected and Social

If you want to grow your blog and make something of it, you have to be able to connect with others
20 March 2024
Illustration by Mohamed_hassan

Blogging can often feel like an activity you do alone. You spend a lot of hours researching and writing blog posts, sitting in front of a computer, and completing various admin tasks. You might feel like you don’t have many opportunities to connect with others, even when you’re focusing on forming a connection with your audience.

The life of a blogger doesn’t have to be a lonely one, though. In fact, if you want to grow your blog and make something of it, you have to be able to connect with others. You need to talk to brand representatives, advertisers, other bloggers, and your own blog readers if you want to get anywhere. All of this can be challenging though, and you can still feel like you end up isolated. But there are plenty of different methods you can use to stay connected as a blogger and ensure you’re social both in your blogging activities and in your general life too.

Engage with Your Commenters

If you want to run a successful blog, engaging your readers is vital. That gives you a great opportunity to be social and have some interactions that are both fun and useful to the growth of your blog. While not everyone wants to accept comments on their blog, it’s a good way to allow readers to get involved. When you reply to people’s comments, try to go beyond simply thanking them for leaving a comment or a short reply. Look into what they’ve said and find something more substantial to say that will be more engaging. You never know if they’ll become regular readers and commenters, or even if they could eventually be your friends.

Make the Most of Social Media

Outside of your blog, you can really benefit from using social media. In fact, it can give you more ways to engage with other people. You’re not constrained to the comments section of your blog posts, and you can talk to people in multiple different ways. As well as sharing your own posts, you can reply and comment to other people. Social media apps and websites also have direct messaging options, so you can talk to people more directly and privately too.

Social media can be a great way to find friends in the blogging sphere and to connect with people professionally too. If you’re just getting started, find some people to follow who you know in real life or who you admire. There might be bloggers in the same niche as you or professionals in a relevant industry who can share interesting insights or keep you up to date on important topics. But remember that it’s important to actually engage with them too, so don’t just stop at following them. Make an effort to join the conversation, looking for relevant hashtags and topics.

You can create a great community around your blog using social media. It can even start to feel like your own little family of readers, fellow bloggers, and other people you talk to through your blog and social media channels.


Attend Blogging Conferences

Not all social stuff happens online. If you want to get offline and meet people in real life, blogging conferences are a fantastic way to do it. You can find them all around the country and there are lots of great ones around the world too. UK blogger conferences are easy to find, no matter where you live. While many of them are in London, that’s certainly not the only place to go for conferences covering a range of blogging topics. Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol, and even St Albans all have conferences covering blogging and different digital matters.

Blogging conferences should give you a chance to meet other bloggers, as well as connect with industry experts and brand representatives. They also offer a great opportunity to learn new things by attending workshops and speeches. Many conferences have social events especially for having fun and networking with others. There might be cocktail evenings or even something like a pub crawl or a scavenger hunt. Some conferences last for a few days, giving you even more time to meet other people and either form some great new relationships or strengthen existing ones.

Find Local Blogger Meetups

Big conferences are useful but you can’t attend them all the time. When you’re not going to a conference, an alternative way to meet other bloggers can be to attend local meetups. These can give you the chance to meet people in smaller groups, whether it’s to discuss the business of blogging or just to make some friends. It can be a good way to talk about the ups and downs of being a blogger, or just to have some fun with people who have similar interests to you.

If blogging is your main job or you usually work from home, joining meetups like these gets you out of the house and ensures you’re not always doing things alone. You might discover some opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers or just have some fun. If there are no meetups specific to bloggers, you could also consider looking for any targeted at small business owners or digital experts. While less specific, you’re still likely to find some people with a similar outlook and who understand the life of a blogger.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Connecting with others can be a challenge if you feel like your communication skills aren’t as good as they could be. Whether you’re not really sure how to engage people online or you feel out of practice with talking to people in person, spending some time improving your communication skills can benefit you. Not only could it help you make new friends, but it might also be useful if your aim is professional networking and forming business relationships.

But how exactly do you go about improving your communication skills? There are lots of ways to do it, including taking courses or just going for it and getting some practice in the real world. Taking a course can be a good idea if there’s a particular area of communication you want to improve on. Maybe you want to be better at public speaking, be a better listener, or learn how to get your point across more succinctly. Sometimes the best way to improve your communication skills is to simply get out there and engage with people. As you become more confident, you’ll communicate more effectively.

Illustration by Elf-Moondance

Join in with Online Events

Not all social events for bloggers take place in person. Online events can be more accessible, especially if you can’t spare the time and money to travel to a conference or another in-person event. Online events could range from Twitter conversations to webinars and online conferences. It can be as easy as turning up at the right time and engaging in the conversation, or it might be a ticketed event. As well as being a follower of these events, consider getting involved by being someone who speaks or takes the initiative to lead them.

Carry Out Interviews

Chatting to fellow bloggers and digital experts casually is a fun way to make friends, but you could also do it on a more official basis. Interviewing people in your industry allows you to make the most of your connections. Not only is it a way to be social with others, but it can be a method for producing content too. You can interview people for a podcast or video series, or perhaps turn your interview into a blog post.

On the other side of things, you could be open to being interviewed by other people. Being featured on someone else’s blog or podcast could help you promote your own blog and give you something different to share with your readers and followers.

Don’t Forget About Existing Friends and Family

Making new friends within a new space can be fun and exciting. But it’s also important to have social connections outside of blogging. Remember that your family and the friends you already have all deserve your attention too. It’s healthy to have different connections with different people, so make sure your whole social life doesn’t revolve around networking with bloggers or connecting with your readers. Make time to hang out with other friends and give your family the attention they deserve too.

Remember to Take Breaks

Even for people who love to be switched on and social all the time, it can sometimes get tiring. Bloggers can be at risk of burnout if they’re always busy and constantly socialising with other people, whether it’s for fun or business purposes. Taking a break now and then is important so you can reset, recharge, and come back with plenty of energy. Whether this means going on holiday, a digital detox, or just ensuring you have a balanced schedule, it helps you maintain a good social life while also allowing time for yourself.

Blogging doesn’t have to be a solo activity. In fact, it works best when you have a community. You can stay connected and social while benefiting your blog at the same time.