wheel of fortune1aEvery year 80 million people visit casinos all around the globe. They all have an aim to relax and, of course, try their luck. Most of them prefer starting with tiny bets to hit no more than a twice bigger win. Only 5% of all players are real High-Rollers. They come to casinos for significant risks and cosmic jackpots.

These people are aware of all the secret playing strategies and share a great gambling experience. Nevertheless, there is also a category of insane lucky devils. These pals managed to turn their last few dollars into fortunes! Let’s take a closer look at the biggest wins in the casino history.

Jessica was a babysitter for 6 years when her friends took her to Vegas. After that trip, she hasn’t worked a day in her life. They were about to leave the hotel when she decided to give a try to a slot machine in the hall. A $2.5 spin brought her insane riches! A 24-year-old won over two million dollars! wheel of fortune jessicaEveryone expected her to show up in one of the casinos again, but the girl decided to cut on gambling.

This nice lady, named Patricia, caused a real fuss at one of the Atlantic City casinos. She came there for spa and resort but accidentally popped up at one of the local playhouses. Out of pure curiosity, she rolled the dice. patricia atlantic city borgataShe made 154 tries each of them was lucky. The woman didn’t reveal the total sum she won, but the experts consider it to be about half a million. The next day the winner was spotted at the casino again, but as a spectator. The woman believes that was her luckiest day but she won’t take a risk to repeat.

Another miracle occurred in New Zealand. Late at night, a 28 year-old guy decided to relax after a hard and busy day. He wanted to try out something new, visited a virtual casino and placed a $5 bet. He confessed it was no more than just a game and he hasn’t thought about any big win. He chose his five figure and started a roulette. He could hardly believe his eyes when the screen showed an $84,000 win. skycityqueenstownThe man confessed he thought it was a joke up to the moment the money was loaded to his bank account. He assures everyone he never tried himself in gambling before and simply picked up one of the highest rated casinos from the popular base OnlineCasinoGuide.co.nz.

Another case took place in India, where an 8-year boy won $500,000 playing poker online. But as he was under age, the company denied the payout. Parents were furious and sued the casino claiming that the player’s age was well-known to the employees. The result of the trial remains unknown.

We hope for the best for the little player, but no one should forget all people are equal in face of law.