The Best Destinations for Entertainment Lovers


Entertainment is a balm for the soul, and whether you love movies, music, or the celebrity lifestyle, entertainment can enrich our lives. If you are fed up with heading on holiday only to sit on the beach or drink cocktails, this article will detail some of the most brilliant destinations across the world for people that love all types of entertainment. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

TV enthusiasts will find the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia a recognisable sight, with many of the iconic scenes from the hit TV show Games of Thrones being filmed here. If you want to walk in the footsteps of your favourite characters, or even re-enact the classic scenes, visiting Dubrovnik feels like stepping back in time to a land of dragons and warring kingdoms. For the ultimate experience, you should consider booking a tour with Silverscreen Tours, which will allow you to be shown around the key sights by an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Liverpool, England 

The birthplace of The Beatles, now, Liverpool is still a cradle of music, with there being many attractions to satisfy the tastes of every music lover. Beatles Lovers can enjoy the experience of The Beatles Story on the dockside, as well as seeing where it all began by travelling to The Cavern Club. There are also extensive Beatles exhibits in many of the city’s best museums, such as at the Liverpool Beatles Museum. For those that want a flavour of the wider music scene in the UK, they can visit the British Music Experience, which recounts decades of music and even allows you to try out some of the instruments yourself.

Tokyo, Japan

For those that want to see something a little different, you should travel to Tokyo in Japan, the perfect destination for J-pop lovers. Not only this, but film lovers can also have a field day in the city by visiting Karaoke Kan, the karaoke bar that stars in the film Lost in Translation.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, is overflowing with attractions and points of interest for lovers of all types of entertainment. For film lovers, no trip is complete without a visit to the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame, as well as a group tour around one of the city’s old Golden Age studios, such as Paramount Pictures. In addition to the wealth of things to do for moviegoers, music lovers can also enjoy a vibrant music scene, with many live events and concerts happening every day of the week, including shows at the famous Hollywood Bowl.

Florida, USA

Lastly, Florida is the ideal holiday destination for those living within the USA and further afield, with theme parks and attractions galore. One of the major draws of the state is that it is home to some of the most premier movie-themed parks in the world, such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, which in recent years has focused on developing its Harry Potter experience. These immersive lands will have movie lovers enraptured, while the bars and clubs in Disney Springs often offer live music to entertain those who prefer a relaxing evening out.