The Benefits Of Learning Music From A Professional Teacher

Music is an art that is universally appreciated. There is no real language barrier, even if you don’t understand the words that are being sung, you are still able to appreciate a great piece of music.

Learning a musical instrument is something that is beneficial for everyone, and especially children for a multitude of reasons, and learning can either be self taught or by a teacher, but which is better? 

Let’s have a look now.

Teach Yourself At Home

With the increasing availability of the internet anywhere, and at any time, it has never been easier to access professional advice from the comfort of your own home, and for free.

Whilst this can seem like an easy, convenient option, it has the drawback of not having personalised teaching, and no one to correct your mistakes, so that you don’t learn incorrectly.

It can be disheartening too, to not have anyone with you to encourage you, and see how far you’ve come.

Finding Yourself A Good Teacher

There are many ways to find yourself a good teacher. If you are still in school, you may be able to find a tutor onsite who will be able to teach you.

If not, then do a search online, and many tutors and music schools will pop up, such as LVLMusicAcademy. The benefit of searching for a teacher online, is that you can find reviews from other students, to see if the tutor has had many good results, and is someone you can trust to teach you well.

Once you have found a teacher and started your lessons, it is important to consider if you ‘click’. If you cannot build a good rapport, then it might be time to search for a different tutor, as you will not learn as well from someone you do not get on with.

A Teacher Will Give You Structure

A teacher will teach you in a logical way, and know exactly where to start to make things easier for you.

Your teacher will be able to structure your lessons, so that your progress at a steady rate. If you are teaching yourself, it can be tempting to start learning the things that you really want to learn – like that song that you really love – and leave the less appealing things until last.

A teacher won’t let this happen, and will know how to teach to your learning style, and will ensure you learn in the best way to make your learning experience a complete one.

Your teacher will also give you homework, telling you how long to practice, and what exactly you should be practicing, and this will keep you motivated and on track.

A Teacher Can Give You Feedback

If you are learning alone, it can be difficult to know whether you are doing things correctly or not. If you do start to do something incorrectly, you may not notice, and will continue in this vein and it will become a habit to do something a certain way, which can be heard to break.

A teacher will notice immediately that you are doing something wrong, and correct it straight away before it becomes second nature, and you will keep learning the instrument in the correct way.

Your teacher can also monitor your progress. It can sometimes be hard to see how far you have progressed, and a teacher can show you how far you have come.

We all like to be praised, it helps to keep us motivated. A teacher will let you know when you are doing well, inspiring you to continue performing well.

A Teacher Can Make Things Fun

Learning a musical instrument is not a quick thing to do, it takes a long time to fully grasp the instrument.

Because it takes such a long time, it can become boring, and you can become demotivated. A good teacher will know how to keep your lessons engaging and fun, and stop you wanting to give up when the going gets tough.

A good teacher will be passionate about their subject, and that passion will inspire the student also. It is no good learning from someone who hates their subject, because the student will simply not want to learn.

If you have a passionate, fun teacher, you will be excited to turn up to your lessons each time, and leave with a sense of achievement.

A Teacher Can Break Things Down

It is very easy to be told to do something, which is all well and good, but to truly learn something you need to be able to understand why you are doing something.

We all learn in different ways. There are practical learners, theoretical learners, or a combination of the two. Your teacher will be able to tailor their teaching to your style, so that learning is easier for you.

A good teacher will be able to explain exactly why you are doing something a certain way, and understanding this will add a lot to your learning experience.

Benefits Of Learning A Musical Instrument

There are many studies showing that children who learn a musical instrument have improved brain development.

Learning a musical instrument is also very good for teaching self discipline, as only practice will make you better at it. 

It also teaches good social skills. Learning an instrument is rarely a solo endeavour, at the very least one other person will be involved with the teaching, and you may also be involved in a group playing together.

Music is well known for its stress relieving abilities, and that it is a mood enhancer. Learning an instrument has the same effect, and allows your brain to switch off and focus on only one thing.

As you can see, learning an instrument is beneficial to anyone of any age, and there are myriad reasons why you should go ahead and start learning.

Find yourself a good teacher, with a love of music and a passion for their subject, and you will find yourself learning faster than you ever thought you would.