The amazing Shaolin Monks from the heart of China to Belfast

From the monks of an ancient temple in China renowned for their discipline, strength, dedication, and courage comes a story of compassion, triumph and survival…

15,000 years ago, in the heart of China, the mystical Shaolin Monastery was built. The first monks that ever lived there developed a very unique breathing and exercise routine which, until now, has remained one of China’s best kept secrets. Now, uncover the truth behind these strong, skilful and brave monks and discover how their way of life has shaped all the martial arts of today.

The Shaolin Monks put together a miraculous show that consists of incredible stunts using various weapons such as clubs, spears, swords, tridents and whips to name but a few. The Shaolin Monks demonstrate some of the most hair-raising feats you will ever see.

Some of these jaw-dropping feats include walking on beds of sharpened knives, breaking solid lumps of wood on their bare bodies, breaking marble slabs and bricks with their heads, performing handstands on two finger tips, spinning on a pointed spear and doing a crescendo of impressive Kung Fu sequences that include flying through the air in a series of incredible back flips using heads and not hands. This unbelievable show will in no doubt leave you in awe of their hypnotic and pain defying moves.

It is all in a day’s work for these unbelievable monks that have come straight from the heart of China for their Great Britian and Ireland tour. The mind over matter skills the Shaolin Monks have inherited are so amazing that they have to be seen to be believed and this is your chance. Come and witness the Shaolin legend made real as part of a 2 hour long spectacular show, featuring numerous incredible feats of strength and skill that will leave the audience spellbound!

Amazing feats of skill and strength from the heart of China….
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