By Clare Anderson
A COLLECTION of Indiana Jones stories have been published to coincide with the world-wide release in May of the new film Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.
The Adventures of Indiana Jones published by Bantam follows the escapades of the hero with his battered leather jacket, trademark Fedora and bullwhip as he goes in search of the unearthed and untold wealth of ancient treasures.In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the fearless archaeologist travels from Nepal to Cairo to the Mediterranean in pursuit of an ancient artefact which has dazzling and invincible powers. On his way he encounters traps, snakes, poisons and battles old and new adversaries.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom finds the fearless hero in a remote Indian village where he must retrieve a stolen, mystical stone.

And finally, Indiana must face a challenging and highly personal pursuit – to rescue his estranged father, the distinguished Professor Dr Henry Jones, from a Nazi lair whilst simultaneously recovering the legendary Holy Grail.

So does Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade mean the adventure is over for our intrepid hero?