London-Based duo The Actions – Silty (vocals and bass guitar) + Mo Stellato (guitar) – have well and truly arrived with this collection of dark and atmospheric tracks from their latest EP ‘Indefensible’. Having recently been interviewed by FAME, the pair described their sound as “alternative rock fusing elements of trip hop, dark wave psychedelia”.

After hearing the record, we can’t help but thinking that they’ve hit the nail right on the head with that definition.

From the opening track ‘Echo’, you can immediately hear these musical influences seeping through. The track is filled with eery goodness which is complimented perfectly with lead vocalist Silty’s brooding and ominous vocals and guitarist Mo Stellato’s electrically, stylised guitar riffs.

The next track on the EP, ‘Counting All Days’ brings in dream-like, cinematic vocals that permeate the likes of Portishead and Radiohead. A clear blend of both electronica and post-rock making a play here.

As we move on to title track ‘Indefensible’ it is visibly slower than the previous three tracks but definitely not lacking the same synth-filled, eery goodness heard previously. Stellato’s distorted guitar riffs come into play, giving the track the meat it needs, followed by Silty’s dark and sensual soft vocal tone.the-actions2 (1)As mentioned previously, The Actions ability to straddle genres is clearly apparent but the duo are also not afraid to break unconventional arrangements with their songwriting. The final two tracks on the EP, ‘So Still’ and ‘Clouding Over Part 1’ build up slowly in with a variety of eclectic sounds and not necessarily using typical song structure either.

Instead, the pair let their use of electronic twists carry the tracks – so much so that ‘Clouding Over Part 1’ has no vocals in it whatsoever. But don’t be fooled, even without Silty’s sinister vocals, the pair still manage to make a massive sound you won’t forget about quickly.

‘Indefensible’ is an EP that needs to be heard; a modern twist on a sound akin the the 80s new wave movement – with more synth.

By Max Patton ©