There are some bands who simply follow the rules and take the easy path of following one distinct musical genre. On the other hand there are bands who skip along that fine line and make the genre adapt to them.

Thankfully one such band is the UK’s own The 1975 and they were more than happy to chat to them about their music, career to date, UK/Ireland tour and new EP release ‘Sex’ here is what we learnt from the band.

Hi so to give our readers an insight into the music of The 1975 how would you describe your work?

We are a band creating alternative popular music.

I know it may sound silly, but where did the band name come from?

The name comes from a page of scribblings I found in an old book that I acquired. I got it off an artist i met when i was travelling a few summers ago.

On the back page there were loads of suicidal messages and it was dated ‘1st June, The 1975’. The use of the word ‘The’ preceding the date really stuck with me.Your previous EP ‘Facedown’ received a wonderful reception, was that success a shock to the band?

We are very humbled by how Facedown was received. We had no expectations, we simply wanted a body of work that we were proud of to be the first thing that we released as a band, we are proud of it. There’s no time for celebration though – that’s just the beginning…..

What can we expect from your new EP ‘Sex’?

Hopefully… An ambitious eclectic affair. As with “Facedown” we wanted to show the different sides to the band. We are excited for people to hear it.

You are on tour soon too. What can the UK/Irish fans expect from a The 1975 live show?

We love attention to detail. Our shows are gonna be all out visual and sonic experiences and eventually something cinematic and grand. It may sound pretentious, but we won’t just turn up with some guitars.

How did the band form?

We grew up together. We met in the music rooms of school – queuing to use the drum kit a casio PT 20

What inspires your work?

Life, love, death, hopes, fears, good, evil…..Who do The 1975 aspire to gain the success of?

Our main aspiration is to make an album we are proud of that connects with people on a very real human level. when we do that we will be happy.

What was the ‘dream’ when the band started?

To never have to do anything else, ever.

What have you planned after your upcoming tour?

We will be home for christmas before touring in UK and Europe again in Jan / Feb before heading off to the US for our first dates their in March, then back to the UK for more UK dates and hopefully lots of Festivals! Whilst that is going on we will be releasing our 3rd EP and then at the start of the summer our album.

Have you more new material due for release?

Yes. Lots.

Your songs have been popular on many of the UK’s mainstream radio stations. In this day and age of social media awareness etc does regular radio play mean as much to acts such as yourselves?

Yes it really does . It’s a huge platform. Personally it means a lot. We obviously respect the people at radio who have been playing our records – so it’s nice to feel that reciprocated, we have grown up hanging on these DJ’s words so to hear them introduce our music and be genuinely excited by it is a special feeling.

How much do you embrace the world of social media?

We have been careful with our presence as a band. In a world where accessibility is paramount – we’ve found that a less is more approach has been truer to ourselves. This band is our life so we want to keep certain elements of it for just us for now.

Finally we must thank you for your time and ask what you as a band do to relax after a gig?

Eat Tracker bars in a van.

Tour Dates
Sun 2nd Dec Leeds Cockpit 3
Mon 3rd Dec Glasgow King Tuts
Tue 4th Dec Hull Fruit
Wed 5th Dec Manchester Sound Control
Thu 6th Dec London Barfly
Fri 7th Dec Southampton Joiners
Sat 8 th Dec Birmingham Temple
Tue 11th Dec Dublin Academy 2
Wed 12th Dec Belfast Oh Yeah Centre
Thu 13th Dec Newcastle Head of Steam