Ivor Novello Award winner Simon May teams up with Brit Award winners Blake to record the perfect wedding song.Having written some of the most popular television theme tunes including Eastenders and Howards Way , award-winning composer Simon May has produced the perfect wedding song to help the nation celebrate the Royal Wedding in April.

The song is written and produced by May and his young team of co-writers/producers Simon Lockyer and John Brant.

We wrote All Of Me a couple of years ago and it has already become a popular song at weddings in America . I’ve been looking for the right occasion and artist to make the definitive recording.
When Simon met Blake in November of 2010 and saw them performing at the Royal Festival Hall, he knew that the waiting was over.

“These boys just blew me away” says Simon. “They have an awesome ability to sing perfect harmonies and interpret a song in either the pop or classical idiom which is an impressive and very unusual combination.

Although All Of Me was not written for Prince William and Kate’s wedding, no song could be more perfect with its fervent lyrics, uplifting melodies and Blake’s beautiful harmonies.

In All Of Me Simon and his team have written a song that perfectly fits the romance and commitment of a wedding. We are really honoured to have been asked to sing it and we hope that the song will touch the heart of the nation and be a special song for many couples on their wedding day, Blake.

The first day that I met you
I think I always Knew
That you were meant to be the one
And then the feeling grew
With God and friends my witness
Our love will never die

I take the gift you gave me
Don’t need to question why
For all the faults I’m made of
And for all the wrongs I do
I’m not asking you to judge me
Just be true

All of me
Is what I give to you
And everything I have
I Wanna share with you
And with this ring
For all eternity
I make this vow
When I give you all of me

This life is short and precious
A one way ticket ride
I thank you for the journey
I know you’re on my side
And we are only here once
I’m glad we shared this day
Of knowing something special
That will never go away

For all the faults I’m made of
And for all the wrongs I do
I’m not asking you to judge me
Just be true

That’s what I give to you
And everything I have
I’m gonna share with you
With this ring
I give for all eternity

My love
I make this vow

All of Me………

With over half a million albums sold worldwide, Blake continue to build their reputation as one of the most eclectic and exciting classical-pop groups in the world. The classical Brit Award winners are currently on their acclaimed An Evening With Blake tour.

All Of Me will be released in the UK on April 11th