Tetish1Tetish, led by Etan Salomon (vocals/keyboards) and Itai Shitrit (keyboards/vocals), present their debut self-titled album – out 28th July via Solarie Records – and open up about their hometown Tel-Aviv and their dream to be a part of Radiohead or Arcade Fire…From the album, this is smart-pop tune ‘Shipwreck’.

Hello Tetish please introduce yourselves…

Hi! We’re Tetish, and Electro Power-Pop band from Tel-Aviv, and our debut album is coming out at the end of the month

If you had to compare yourselves to any other artists out there right now, who would those be and why?

We love St.Vincent, There’s something about her song writing and musical production that manages to bring out roughness and originality. We feel the same about Lucius, and these are characteristics we try to use in our songs as well. We find we have a certain resemblance to The Cardigans, in the way they combine their pop oriented vocals with groove and heavy beats.

Tell us a little about your latest single ‘Shipwreck’, is there a message behind the music?

‘Shipwreck’ is about the moment you realise you need to run from a place or a situation that is no longer good for you. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to accept, and we find ourselves searching for reasons to cling to the wrong things. We believe that you shouldn’t look back. If your ship is drowning- don’t drown with it. Tetish2Your self-titled debut album is due for release at the end of this month, what are your plans after the release?

Our plans are to continue touring, writing and recording. It’s a small world after all, and we want to see all of it and play wherever there are people who want to hear us. As long we continue to make music and release it to the world- we’re happy.

Tel-Aviv has always had a promising creative scene, can you tell us what its like growing up there for musical influences and inspiration?

Tel Aviv is a very special place for artists and musicians. It’s very similar to America in the sense that there so many different cultures. This city was built by immigrants, and there are a lot of different musical styles and influences. We both have classical backgrounds, but we’ve been exposed to a lot of oriental music at an early age, from the Mediterranean surrounding we live in, and from North Africa. We see all these influences in our music in retrospect- in the rhythm but also in the melodies and harmonies. We’re also very happy to have a lot of friends from different musical genres, and we think growing up in a musical melting pot makes you more open minded as an adult.

If you could be a part of any band right now (other than Tetish) who would that be and why?

Itai: I would like to be a part of Radiohead. They are a great inspiration to me. What they’ve been through as a band, the way they perform, their attention to each and every lyrical and musical detail. As performers, I think they developed the ultimate skill to play in a very unique and individual way, but also to play what is right for the song.
Etan: I’d like to be a part of Arcade Fire. I think it’s amazing that such a massive group of people manages to make music and create in such harmony. I love their perception of song writing, as a musical and visual concept. They are always innovative and original; they have a lot to say about the world and about human beings. I saw them live once and I was completely overwhelmed.

If you could go back in time and support any band from any era, who would that be and why?

We’d like to support David Bowie. For the chance to see him live of course, something we didn’t get the chance to do in his lifetime. But also because he constantly reinvented himself, and is by far one of the most innovative and influencing artists of all times.

What makes your music different from any other “pop” out at the moment?

We think that what defers our pop is the deep connection between the lyrics and the musical production.
In terms of song writing, we tend to define each part of the song and pay a lot of attention to structure, something you could maybe perceive as a bit old school.
In terms of musical production, we tend to start and end a song in a similar energetic place, when the development happens in the song itself, and the music help tell the story, and plays the role of the non-verbal subtext.

If the band had a motto, what motto would that be?

Follow your instincts!

Finally, tell us a secret about yourselves.

On our first time on TV as Tetish, we were invited to play our song “Glow” on a leading TV show. At some point, while drumming and playing the song, Etan tripped over the drum and had to somehow get up. This was all filmed live, and was never shared on Facebook.