Tess Daly graces the cover of this week’s Fabulous, free with The Sun every Sunday and is looking quite the beach babe in a skimpy number (no doubt making us all feel the need to run to the gym after work!).

The yummy mummy knows all too well how corrupting showbiz can be, which is why she fears that her daughters may end up sharing her love of the limelight.

“Follow in my footsteps? Not unless they were handcuffed to their mother,” she says, deadly serious. “But it’s a wonderful industry in a lot of ways – you get to experience things you’d never normally have the chance to and you can make a lot of money quite quickly if you’re clever about it.”

Tess wearing La Senza
Tess chose to go to Tokyo at a very young age to experience life on the road and to see the world, “I was a naive teenager who’d never even cooked her own dinner, and there I was on the streets of Tokyo armed with only a Metro map.” But it wasn’t all plain sailing.

“It’s a world full of playboy types and much, much older men. Luckily, I was brought up not to let anyone take advantage, so if there was a man old enough to be my grandad pawing my knee, I’d get up and go.”

Experiences like this provided Tess with the inspiration behind her first novel – The Camera Never Lies.

She reveals there were no ghostwriters employed but she certainly had a lot of handholding during the process, “I think you lose any sense of achievement if someone else has written it for you. I wanted to prove myself.”

But her love of writing isn’t going to mean an end to her TV work. The mum of two reveals she adores Strictly as much today as she did when it began in 2004, “Strictly is such a gift of a show. I love it so much.”

Incredibly, Tess will be celebrating her 43rd birthday very soon; but with her enviable figure and glowing skin she’s looking half her age. Tess isn’t quite so sure though, “I’ve got quite a few wobbly bits believe me. But there’s no way I’m going to a gym – I hate them – so Vernon has put an exercise bike in the dining room for me, I sit there and watch Location, Location, Location – Kirstie and Phil do it for me.”

We can’t see a wobbly bit in sight!
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