It the ultimate rite of summer – the chance to share a glorious evening with Terri Hooley, legend of Ulster music, godfather of punk, folk devil, poet and dissenter. He will be joined by Cashier No. 9, the most engaging act to come out of Northern Ireland in a decade, just ahead of the release their exceptional debut album, ‘To The Death Of Fun’.Two floors of the Botanic Inn will be taken up by this unique party. Special guests will appear and the DJ services of Terri, Joe Lindsay (Palookaville), Stuart Bailie (Oh Yeah), Charlotte Dryden (Oh Yeah) and Davy Matchett (Rushmore, Oh Yeah) will deliver everything from reggae and soul, hip hop, alternative and summer classics.

This event began when Good Vibrations founder Terri Hooley auctioned his DJ services at the Go Belfast Awards. This was a fund-raiser for the Oh Yeah music centre, and a very generous bid was secured from Botanic Inns.

They kindly suggested that the May 27 event could be a joint fund raiser, to continue Terri’s musical adventures in the local music community and also to help with the ongoing development of the Oh Yeah music centre, which works with new bands and music businesses and delivers outreach programmes around greater Belfast.

Tickets are available on the night, but early attendance is advisable.
Terri Hooley’s Summer Soundsplash with Cashier No 9
Friday, May 27 at the Botanic Inn, 23-27 Malone Road, Belfast.
In association with the Oh Yeah Music Centrewww.ohyeahbelfast.com