TEO & JAY Drop Thrilling Hip-hop/Pop Single ROGUE

By Vee D

A banger from the get go, Teo & Jay ooze cool on their newest track Rogue

Known for their genre-blending expertise, the duo borrow from R&B, trap and hip-hop to create the infectious melody, using echoing synths, bouncy 808’s and a laid-back vocal pattern to mold the upbeat rhythm. Whilst the lyrics may be tinged with the troubles of confused emotions, Teo & Jay still exude a bright and bustling atmosphere on the track. They explain the idea further, quoting Rogue is about being in a relationship which still doesn’t have a label. Both parties are stuck between fighting their feelings for this person or simply letting them take control”

With a glossy production finish thanks to Pacific, Rogue is an exciting step for the two-piece, and a promising follow up from their previous release Insomnia, which racked up over 200k streams after it’s debut last year. With further singles lined up for the year, Teo & Jay are ready to grab 2021 with both hands.