By Felan Davidson (15)

Desperate Housewives star Rachel Fox has made headlines once again.

She is talking about her first movie “SPORK” that she just finished filming a few weeks ago.

The star who was in Hannah Montana and ICarly said: “I loved filming and everyone is so kind.”

Rachel who I’m a massive fan of is a nice girl and I wish her all the best.
Rachel is also releasing her first album out later this year.

She is also massive on YouTube and you can see her first music video here.

IT seems Lily Allen’s newest single 22 is getting bad reviews. A lot of papers have been saying the single isn’t that good and it’s not one of her best to date. I think it seems OK and i say it has got a nice touch to it.
LILYALLEN1BIG Brother Noirin has split from Issac. The couple broke up after being a couple for 2 years on and off and they claim it was for the best.
noirinissacHILARY Duff feels like she has been welcome on the gossip girl set! The star who has been booked for a few episode’s for the show says she is enjoying working with the team and feels at home.

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