TEDDY TRILLION presents a stylish debut album titled ‘Feels’

"This is me letting go of my old feelings in search of new beginnings"
29 July 2023

Even if his father was a huge fan of Teddy Pendergrass and gave him the name of the musician. London rapper TEDDY TRILLION was constantly urged by his music-loving parents to pursue a more conventional career path. Music was his jam all the way. It didn’t take long for him to take over his life and become his main obsession, even more than college and university.

After dropping some gems like Moonlight and Sweet lifted from it, TEDDY TRILLION finally released his long-awaited debut album called Feels.

TEDDY, who’s chilling by the River Thames on the album cover, declares, “This is me letting go of my old feelings in search of new beginnings”.

The 9-track project is a celebration of what he calls his ‘baptism’, and it features his friends and collaborators who have been with him throughout the journey.

He chose a group of talented artists that really know how to put their heart in their music. They bring different genres and vibes to the table, showing off their vulnerability and growth as artists.

TEDDY TRILLION has this unique way of sharing his experiences of escaping from negativity and diving deep into his spirituality. He is stylish and connects with all kinds of people, regardless of their background or interests.

Feels was recorded in different places, like rented studios and even his bedroom setup at home. It was a mixture of professional and intimate frameworks which added to the process of creation.

The music video for the album’s best song, Two Cups, was filmed in London. It captures the contrast between bustling streets and deserted ones, giving it a really interesting view. It perfectly captures the feeling of being alone and longing for personal growth in a bustling world.

A collection of lush tunes, filled with authentic storytelling, catchy beats, and messages that really hit home, Feels is an impressive Rap/Hip hop debut album.

Since he was young, TEDDY has been working hard to become an amazing artist. As he went along his music journey, he decided to release songs under different names. Nevertheless, he became quite dissatisfied with the production results.

But then, in April 2022, everything flipped when he dropped his debut single, Kicks, and people went crazy for it! The response was overwhelming.

On top of that, this bright artist is really making a mark on the live music scene! He’s been headlining his own awesome show at Shoreditch Box Park and even sharing the stage with SFISTIKATED and Muco at Festival A Porta in Portugal.

TEDDY got a cool opportunity to help out Stafford rapper Pud with his headline show. It was an amazing experience that greatly boosted his career in the industry.

TEDDY TRILLION is a refreshing addition to the Rap world, with his incredible talent for captivating Hip Hop beats and unfiltered self-expression. Keep an eye on this rising star because he is definitely one to watch out for in the future.