TEASERS share anthemic alt-rock single ‘Dead Flowers’

"It's about that moment when it's clear how it's going to end but you're not able to figure out how it got to that point"
6 October 2023

Italian rock outfit TEASERS has just dropped their highly awaited single Dead Flowers. The quartet, hailing from Mantua , comprises Diego on vocals and guitar, Leo on guitar, Paolo on bass, and Carbo on drums.

Fuelled by their passion for live performances, TEASERS draws inspiration from the desire to forge connections through their music.  Considering their musical philosophy, the band highlights a perpetual ethos of learning, viewing the journey itself as the ultimate destination: “We think that the life of a musician is an eternal apprenticeship where the most important thing is to always have fun.”

This sentiment is vividly echoed in their latest release, Dead Flowers, an eclectic and imaginative track that draws from various noughties rock influences. The result is an anthemic alt-rock single infused with catchy riffs, impactful drum beats, and an abundance of energy.

Explaining the narrative behind the song, TEASERS delves into the theme of Dead Flowers, describing it as the conclusion of a tale marked by toxic love. The track explores that pivotal moment when the inevitable ending becomes apparent, yet understanding how it reached that point remains elusive. It captures the essence of living with the regret of what could have been…The band elaborated further:

“It’s about that moment when it’s clear how it’s going to end but you’re not able to figure out how it got to that point. You live wrapped up in the feeling of regret about what you could have done or not done, how it could have been handled differently and how in the end, many of your beliefs were ephemeral illusions, just enough time to be happy for a moment, to be able to touch the sun for an instant and then burn, like dead flowers, in sad silence.”

TEASERS embarked on their musical voyage earlier this year when they unveiled their inaugural single The Night Is On Fire in May. Since then, they’ve followed up with two more singles, gaining significant independent support on platforms like Spotify. The band’s active touring schedule has seen them captivate audiences across Italy, expanding their fanbase.

With the release of Dead Flowers, TEASERS is poised to leverage their growing momentum, eagerly anticipating future releases and live shows.