elky_high_roller1The life of the poker pros could a very lonely one and I can maybe understand what they mean when some of them say they wished they had a “normal” job and maybe making less money than playing poker around the world…

In reality I think many live poker pros are really happy in their lives and would not pass up their day job…Like for example French poker player and former professional gamer Bertrand Grospellier, better known as ElkY. The Team PokerStars Pro star opens up about his Super High Roller Poker lifestyle and traveling.

Check out Episode 1 of the $100k PCA 2013 Super High Roller live Poker Star, starring Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Steve O’Dwyer and Ike Haxton, with cameo appearances from Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan. Poker 2013 live tournament series.

Elky never complains about his poker lifestyle…But he used to find it difficult to maintain close, healthy relationships with people…Until he met his girlfriend Jenny (originally from Seoul) in Las Vegas at the conclusion of the World Series of Poker back in 2012.elkY_girlfriend_jennyElky reveals: “At the end of the summer I busted the Main Event near the end of Day 1. It was pretty disappointing, as I’d gotten short and then was all in from the button with pocket eights against an opponent who called me from the blinds with ace-four offsuit and won. I was not too happy. I sent a tweet saying how I was on “#ragingtilt” showing how frustrated I was. I needed to unwind, so the next day I went out with my friends.”

He adds: “It just so happened that it was while were out that next night I first met Jenny”… She was in Las Vegas just for a few days with friends to celebrate her sister’s 21st birthday. “It was my first night out all summer, and it was also her very last night in Vegas, so it was very lucky that we met at all!”elky_gdam1Check out Day 2 at PCA 2013 live poker tournament and the prizepool is set at a cool $5.7m, with over $2m going to the winner. Who will win the battle of the finest mind in Poker?…

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