Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’. Fan favorites, break moments, and top tips for concertgoers revealed!

As Swift's tour continues, fans can make every moment count armed with insights and tools for an unforgettable experience
25 April 2024
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As Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour sweeps stages worldwide, data reveals fan favorites and ideal moments for a quick break.

The Hits:
Hits like Cruel Summer from Swift’s Lover album dominate, boasting over 1.9 billion streams on Spotify. Classics such as Blank Space and Anti-Hero captivate fans with Swift’s musical and storytelling prowess.

The Misses:
Yet, not every song enjoys the same adoration. Fearless, with just over 117 million streams, ranks as the least popular track, signaling the perfect time for a quick bathroom break. Similarly, Marjorie and Tis The Damn Season provide opportunities for refreshments or merchandise browsing.

Beyond the Setlist:
Swift’s allure extends beyond her setlist, with surprise tracks and guest star appearances adding excitement. Hits like I Don’t Wanna Live Forever featuring ZAYN and ME! featuring Brendon Urie and Panic! At The Disco continue to captivate audiences.

Top Tips for Concertgoers:
QR Code Generator CEO Marc Porcar advises prioritizing battery life. From activating power-saving modes to bringing reusable chargers, concertgoers can safeguard against any disruptions:

“Concertgoers are going to want to capture everything throughout the lengthy event – but may find themselves at risk of their phone battery dying when doing so, which may cause issues if they’ve stored their train or bus ticket home on their device.”

“For those worried about battery life when capturing significant moments, most smartphones’ now have a power-saving option in their settings. Concertgoers are encouraged to turn this on before the show even starts, charge your phone fully before you attend the show, and bring a reusable charger if your venue allows.” 

Capture Every Moment:
Investing in a handheld gimbal for smooth footage and leveraging burst modes can enhance the quality of concert photos, preserving cherished memories.

As Swift’s tour continues, fans can make every moment count armed with insights and tools for an unforgettable experience.


Methodology: A python script that interfaces with Spotify’s internal API was made. It first finds all albums associated with the artist, then each song per album. This enables stream count data to be collected for each song, giving us results of which songs are streamed the most/least. The setlist was as sourced from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Eras_Tour 

The top three most popular songs on The Eras Tour setlist

 Song Spotify Streams Album and Release Date 
1 Cruel Summer 1,978,869,708 Lover – August 23, 2019 
2 Blank Space 1,775,026,625 1989 – October 27, 2014 
3 Anti-Hero 1,492,011,046 Midnights – October 21, 2022 

The top three least popular songs on The Eras Tour setlist:

 Song Spotify Streams Album and Release Date 
1 Fearless 117,759,698 Fearless – November 11, 2008 
2 Marjorie 204,208,508 Evermore – December 11, 2020 
3 ‘Tis The Damn Season 259,208,266 Evermore – December 11, 2020