Taylor Momsen: “My music takes a new focus now”

Taylor Momsen shines for Canadian Z!nk magazine shoot and interview.Taylor Momsen spent her youth rocking out The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zappelin. “My dad was a huge music fan,” she explains.“I was weaned on rock. The Beatles were playing in the car when i was brought home from the hospital. Abbey Road was my first music ceremony. My dad would play it on vinyl when i was younger; it never gets old.” When Taylor entered fifth grade, she witnessed the White Stripes in concert. “That was my first rock show. It was fucking amazing; i knew i wanted to be performing on stage.”“I was fifteen when i wrote my first album. My view of the world was very different at the moment.”

What inspired you?
“Me! My life and my experiences. Everyone always asks me this and there’s really not just one thing that inspired me. I draw inspiration from life”.Chatting about her album, Momsen shines as a genuine, deep girl filled with a true love for music.

Taylor co-wrote all of the songs on the band’s album and is currently burried in the studio working on her new album.

“I am a bit nocturnal now. I am in the studio all night writing and creating music – sometimes still 5a.m.I love it. This is why i’m in music. The creation process is one of my favorite parts – that and performing for my fans.”
The new album promises to be a hypnotic, invigorating mix of avant-punk and experimental pop, with a flickering of violent rock pulsating throughout.

“My music takes a new focus now,” she says. “I have experienced so much since i wrote my last album, and want to fill my music all of my new experience. I have traveled so much more and have met interesting individuals. I view things differently.”