tara-priyaPresenting herself as ‘fun-sized spiritual gangsta, indian-persian princess’, Tara Priya reveals ‘Fascinate Ya’ (out on December 9th), the ideal follow up single to last year’s intriguing EP ‘Friends Like These’. The new track is a sultry modern-pop-soul number, which is the perfect initiation to her radiant trip hop drenched offering. “Drop my heart at the door…Do I fascinate ya?”

Interestingly, the London based artist, was born in San Francisco to a Persian mother, niece of lauded poet and modernist painter Sohrab Sepehri and actor Reza Kianian, and an Indian father.

ICYMI check out her ‘Friends Like These’ EP .


Photo by Sean Afnan
Styling by Sahar Freemantle of UglyLovely