Tara Hack drops ‘Who Is Hurting Who’ feat. Joe Killington – infused with a distinctive garage groove

She​ unleashes a whole new dimension of her soulful sound
4 October 2023

Originating from modest beginnings, Tara​ Hack embarked on her musical journey by busking between Long Island and New York City, drawing inspiration from her conductor father. Her passion for music ultimately led her to London, where a serendipitous encounter with industry veterans Phil Pickett and Benny D set her on the path to becoming the ​a​rtist she is today.

Tara Hack​ unleashes a whole new dimension of her soulful sound in the form of her latest single, Who Is Hurting Who feat Joe Killington. Following the ​r​elease of her previous ​t​une Sweet Nothing, ​t​he intriguing singer-songwriter demonstrates the breadth of her vocal skills in this emotionally charged track, infused with a distinctive garage influence.

Delving into the realm of a tumultuous love affair, Who Is Hurting Who intricately explores the complexities of a relationship in crisis, questioning the significance of assigning blame when the inevitable end is looming. Hack​’s soul-stirring lyrics resonate deeply, underscoring her exceptional ability to narrate poignant tales through her music.

In a collaboration that reads like a who’s who of music legends, Tara Hack joins forces with Phil Pickett, the creative genius behind ‘Karma Chameleon’ and features the dynamic presence of Joe Killington on the track.

Who Is Hurting Who is helmed by the skilled hands of UK Garage luminary K-Warren, formerly of the acclaimed group Architechs. Released under Benny D’s label, Ben-Addiction (Believe), known for collaborating with music icons such as Boy George, Kylie Minogue, and Robbie Williams​.

Tara Hack first caught ​o​ur attention with her earlier releases, notably the protest-inspired anthem Utopia, earning airplay on Sirius XM Radio’s “Train Tracks” hosted by Train’s lead singer, Pat Monahan. Sweet Nothing, a departure from her previous style, showcased yet another facet of Hack‘s evolving artistry.

Tara Hack‘s new pop gem Who Is Hurting Who continues to demonstrate her dedication to her artistic realm and versatility, crafting captivating and alluring narratives through music.