TannersPool1Tanners Pool – led by Oxford songwriting duo Matt Ashdale (vocals, guitar) and Jess (lead guitar, backing vocals) – present their alternative rock with the release of debut EP ‘Out of Line’, due for release on 22nd July via Alt/Logic.

Hi Tanners Pool! How are you today?

We’re good thanks! How are you?

Im good thanks!..Please introduce yourselves to our readers

Hi FM readers! We’re Tanners Pool, a new four-piece fronted by songwriting duo Matt and Jess. We write upbeat rock with punchy guitar riffs and big choruses. We want to get everyone up and dancing! We’re a new face on the block, first forming at the end of last year and recording our debut EP soon after.

Describe your sound in five words:

Punchy, energetic, guitar-driven magic!

Who are your biggest influences?

We write in our own style, but our debut EP draws influences from the rock legends we grew up loving through to modern indie rock and beyond. We’re drawing on some different influences for our newest material – our sound is developing, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

How did you meet?

Matt and Jess met at university. We’ve been writing music together for a few years and decided to hit the live scene at the end of last year, with Matt on lead vocals and Jess on lead guitar. We’re joined by Seth on bass and Shoji on drums – Shoji is an old school friend who came to our first gig and loved what he heard.

What’s your EP ‘Out of Line’ all about?

All of the songs are about trying to find your own path in life, in one way or another. We write about things we’ve seen and experienced in our lives over the past few years.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

This probably sounds weird coming from a rock band, but right now we’d choose someone with an EDM background. We love the energy that’s in EDM. It’d be great to work with someone so different – I think we could write some really cool stuff together.

Any gigs coming up?

Yes, we’re launching our debut EP this Friday 22nd July. We’ve just recorded a new single too, so we’ll be polishing that up to release before hitting the live scene again in Autumn.