Multi-million selling British singer-songwriter Tanita Tikaram has recently released her first album in eight years.

Fame caught up with the gorgeous Miss Tikaram to discuss her new album ‘ Can’t Go Back’, her career to date and just what made her tackle the charts again. Here are the results of that conversation.

Hi Tanita, so what can you tell our readers about the new release ‘ Can’t Go Back’?

It is a very dynamic and vibrant album, I hope they enjoy it !!

What made you step away from the industry for so long?

I don’t think I consciously stepped away- my attitude to all things is a bit leisurely and it is the same with music.How did your music career start?

I was writing songs from an early age, when I was a teenager I saw Suzanne Vega on the music show ‘The Tube’ and I realised that it could actually be a job !

What was the turning point that made you realise you had made it as a singer/songwriter?

I never feel that – I always feel like a beginner.

Can you put into words what it feels like to know your material has sold multi-million copies?

It’s not something I really think about- but it’s something I’m very thankful for.

Can we ask you what inspires a new song?

I tend to write songs in groups, I have the feeling that I’ve learned something new and it’s time to write. Perhaps, this is not really true but it is necessary to start writing again.

What artist’s influence you?

So many ! A lot of music from the 30s,40s,50s,60s,70s..and any song I hear and like will influence me somehow

Did you ever feel you had to better such songs as ‘Twist in my Sobriety’ and ‘Good Tradition’?

No, you just write whatever feels right.

What does the rest of 2012 hold for you?

Concerts, promo and nice dinners :))

What would you be doing if your music career had not panned out?

I like theatre, perhaps something to do with theatre but not as a performer.Finally Tanita, have you any unfulfilled ambitions in the world of music?

I just hope that I can continue to write songs, work with inspiring musicians and continue to grow as a musician and performer.

Tanita Tikaram album ‘Can’t Go Back’ is out now.