Tally Spear ignites passion and discovery with new single ‘Want To Want You’

"I love using the different sections of my songs to explore genres, and create a sort of multidimensional track in a sense, like a journey of all my influencers merged into one song, but in a way that makes sense listening as a whole"
12 May 2024

Tally Spear ​​shines with her new single Want To Want You, captivating fans with her distinctive blend of rock, pop-punk, and emo pop. The ​L​ondon-based alt-rock-pop artist dives deep into the creative inspirations behind her music, known for combining powerful vocals with emotive lyrics.

Want To Want You stands out as an anthemic track, blending Spear’s signature emotive storytelling with vibrant, catchy rhythms. The song speaks to anyone trapped in an unsatisfying relationship or dealing with complex personal emotions. As Spear gears up for upcoming performances and releases, she shares her approach to integrating diverse musical styles, creating songs that resonate broadly.

In an exclusive interview, Spear explores the intense themes of desire and self-discovery that permeate her latest release. She reveals how personal experiences and a rich array of influences, from Avril Lavigne to Bob Dylan, shape her music. This fusion results in tracks that not only energize listeners but also encourage profound contemplation of personal relationships.

Join us as Tally Spear discusses her musical evolution, her methods for blending various genres, and her enthusiasm for the recent revival of pop-rock. Through her compelling stories and bold sound, Spear continues to forge a unique path in the music industry, inspiring listeners to connect with her music while remaining true to her artistic principles and passions.

I write about my own feelings and experiences, and then can only hope that others connect with the music on a personal level

What inspired your latest single, Want To Want You, and how does it reflect your musical influences?

I was inspired by a story of someone else’s experience that I related to…I think we’ve all probably had experiences of realising a relationship isn’t serving us anymore, even if it’s no fault of the other person. You can hear a lot of my influences in this song, sort of like a patchwork, as you move throughout the different sections…

With its blend of rock, pop, and sentimentality, how do you approach incorporating different genres into your music in Want To Want You?

I love using the different sections of my songs to explore genres, and create a sort of multidimensional track in a sense, like a journey of all my influencers merged into one song, but in a way that makes sense listening as a whole. I always tend to use the middle 8 of a song to be experimental and branch away from what is expected, and then I like to play with darker elements in verses, and bolder pop moments in the choruses. I don’t like the idea of being boxed into one singular sound.

Here Comes The Rain received significant radio play, including support from BBC Radio 1. How has this success impacted your approach to your newer releases?

It’s interesting. Here Comes The Rain was definitely me at my most vulnerable, and you can hear that in the music. It has a softness to it and a nostalgic quality which felt a bit out of my comfort zone, but it ended up being something really special and I’m so grateful that it struck a chord with people. I’m not trying to replicate anything I’ve done in the past with my new tracks, just seeing what comes out naturally each time I write! But it’s shown me that it’s a good idea to try new things.

Could you describe how your experiences writing and recording music in both LA and London influenced your creative process?

I didn’t know anyone when I decided to go to LA for a month on my own last year, but I really wanted to push myself to experience new things and see new places. I met people out there and spent the month writing and exploring the city, and it was great. I was actually surprised at just how much I enjoyed spending time by myself. There were some ups and downs out there, I was ultimately really grateful and ready to come home and continue working with my team here in London, but I’m super excited to do more writing trips when I can.

Imposter received acclaim for its storytelling and emotional depth. How do you ensure your songwriting connects with listeners on a personal level?

I write about my own feelings and experiences, and then can only hope that others connect with the music on a personal level. Forming those connections with others is the most important part of sharing my music. Sometimes I feel like my lyrics are a bit muddled, as is my brain most of the time [haha] but I like the idea that other’s can pick apart the meanings of the songs in their own way, have their own interpretations, and translate the songs into their own situations.

Following your sold-out headline show in London, how do live performances enhance your artistic expression, and what unique elements can fans anticipate at your shows?

Performing live is the only chance you get as an artist to share your music with others face to face, no barriers, no screens to communicate through. It’s what it’s all about. I’ve had some challenges with performing live as I’ve struggled with anxiety and nerves quite a bit, but it’s still something I want and love to do. Fans can anticipate a lot of awkward chat between songs and attempt to crack jokes but also, I think I’m my most authentic self on stage. I can’t pretend to be anything else. No filters, no retakes, no overthinking, so it’s a really nice space to connect with people.

Beyond music, your activism in areas like veganism and sustainable living is well-known. How do these passions intersect with your music, and do they influence your songwriting?

I would like to write more about my passions about animal welfare, and have this inspire my music, my family have been encouraging me to do this for quite a while actually. I just don’t want to do it in a way that alienates people. I was raised veggie and all of my immediate family is vegan, it’s a huge part of our lives and I’m looking forward to doing more for the movement as I grow as an Artist.

What has excited you most over the past 12 months in music?

The resurgence of pop-rock that we’re seeing at the moment. I’m so ready!

Which artists or musicians have played a significant role in shaping your artistic direction?

I’d say I’ve been shaped by every artist I’ve ever listened to, in a way. It all goes on and gets absorbed and then when I write my own music, it’s informed by so much that I’ve seen, heard, read, watched. I was a huge Avril fan growing up, and was also obsessed with Hilary Duff, Miley, Taylor, but I was also obsessed with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and then NoFX and Blink 182 to name a few.

Could you discuss some of the challenges you’ve faced in the music industry and the strategies you’ve used to overcome them?

The strategies… are all in development 🙂

The biggest challenges have been putting myself out there and overcoming self doubt, a work in progress, and also getting comfortable on social media platforms. The music industry is so different today than it has ever been in the past, and I can feel that everyone is out of breath trying to keep up with the changes it’s always going through. But we’re all in it together so, it’s mostly about having a shift in perspective.