With some official ticket suppliers website’s stalling under the strain of demand for Take That tickets many fans may resort to sites such as ebay, Gumtree and other websites pretending to be secondary ticket agents.
However there are risks to buying tickets this way as Robert Iles, founder of SeatChoice.com explains.

“Ticketing fraud is a big problem and it is all too easy to get sucked into a scam website promising sought after tickets. Unfortunately, as the OFT’s research has shown, nearly 10% of people have at some point been ripped off when buying tickets for gigs, shows and sporting events.

Some websites will take your money and then just disappear leaving you out of pocket and without your promised tickets. A quick search on google will turn up thousands of ticketing websites but which ones can you trust?

Consumers using a reputable ticket comparison website can still compare different ticket suppliers with confidence because they only deals with reputable and established ticket sellers.

People and businesses offering tickets on ebay at vastly inflated prices may not always have had any better luck in getting hold of Take That tickets than you have.

However, they will secure the sale knowing that they’ve got several months in which to find the tickets and pass them on to you and still make a handsome profit even if they also pay a bit above face value.

There’s also a chance they may not be able to get hold of the tickets to sell on to you in which case you may get your money back but you’ll find out you don’t have any tickets just a few days before you’re due to go and see the show leaving you with little chance of getting tickets from anywhere else.

The other important factor to consider is what happens if you buy tickets from someone on ebay and the performance is cancelled? The gig promoters will usually only offer a refund to the original purchaser and then only for the face value.

If you’ve paid £500.00 on ebay for a pair of tickets to a cancelled performance can you be sure of getting your money back?

On days like today when it seems tickets are like gold dust it may be very tempting to make an impulse purchase without really thinking about the consequences.

But take a breath and consider the risks of what you’re doing. Carry out a search on the legitimate ticket exchange sites first before diving into a transaction you may later regret.”

SeatChoice.com conducts real-time searches of theatre box offices and over 20 ticket outlets including leading ticket agents such as Encore, Ticketmaster and Keith Prowse as well as specialist theatre break agents and secondary ticket suppliers such as Seatwave and Viagogo.