QuickFire Questions

HXTNZ QuickFire Questions

“The messages behind the music include going against the odds, aiming high, and living your best life regardless of the circumstances.”

DALHIA QuickFire Questions

“Some directors are just inspiring me. I like the stories, the mood or the sound designs. Particularly love the mood of Dario Argento’s movies.”

Sabreen Islam QuickFire Questions

“I want to create a space for young Muslim creatives to voice their opinions and create their art. We have so much to say and contribute but are often overlooked.”

Meelo QuickFire Questions

“Any artist that is bold enough and liberated enough to break ground, anyone that puts true emotion into it, the ones that act freely and make exactly what they want, these people showed me that music is nothing but a powerful tool”

Bottler QuickFire Questions

“Our album comes out in May on InFiné, and we’re planning on touring a ton. It’s a secret though because we haven’t announced yet. Can’t wait to be back on the road after all this time.” 

Kamera QuickFire Questions

“A lot of our music and art, in general, comes from the idea of reimagining something that already exists.”

My Dear QuickFire Questions

“As in all our songs, there is a touch of melancholy that counterbalances the joy of pop and the power of electro sounds.”

Charles QuickFire Questions

“‘Dirty Little Secret’ is a message to those production companies who advise that sometimes hiding who you are will help your career”

Stacey Jackson QuickFire Questions

“It was a huge honor to have been a part of “Reboot Camp” – explains Stacey- I had such a blast on set with all the cast and my dancers performing the record! Who would have thought ten years on!?”