It’s a unique visual from a boundary-pushing outfit

By Frank Bell

How many acts releasing music in 2021, can claim true originality? Not many can lay claim to quite the same level as Norwegian outfit Tacobitch. The producer/ performers truly push the boundaries of genre, type and expectation with their performances and techno-inspired punk sound. For Tacobitch, the visual performance is of equal value to the musical output, so their music videos and live performances are unlike anything you’re likely to see.

Speaking on their journey, they state “Five of us used to live together, and that house had a really toxic environment. No-one was safe, everyone was a bitch. One day one of us had some tacos for dinner. He was, then, a tacobitch. But now, we are all tacobitches. And we have never been closer. “Our agenda has been to completely merge music, dance and costume visuals into new exalted practices and expressions. We see it as musicians being dancers and dancers being musicians, we don’t see ourselves as separated performers – and if people who experience us have a lot of fun and leave with some unanswered questions, we’re happy.”

The new visual, boggles the mind with it’s creative flair. The track is a potent mix of techno. Spoken word and drag aesthetic.