Tackling Anxiety In A Post-Lockdown World

Lockdown feels like something of a fever dream whenever we think back to it. We don’t know about you, but time certainly seems to have merged into one! Days blurred into weeks, weeks into months. How is it summer already?!
9 June 2021

By Vanessa B

Lockdown feels like something of a fever dream whenever we think back to it. We don’t know about you, but time certainly seems to have merged into one! Days blurred into weeks, weeks into months. How is it summer already?!  

With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions amid an increase in vaccination numbers, a return to normality and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming ever more apparent by the day. However, while we understand that most people will be looking forward to getting back to their old routines and hobbies, there will understandably also be some people out there who are feeling mixed emotions about this reopening.  

Feelings of anxiety and trepidation are sure to be high, particularly when faced with the prospect of being back in large crowds following so long of this being discouraged. How do we get used to what once was when we are so used to mingling with those nearest and dearest to us? It is undoubtedly a minefield we need to explore with caution. 

At the same time, it is crucial you look after your mental well-being during such a time, and that is where we come into the equation. Detailed below are ways to tackle any feelings of anxiety that you might be experiencing as we emerge ever further into this post-lockdown world.  

While these are suggestions, they do not apply to everyone. If you find that you have exhausted all avenues and that nothing is alleviating how you are feeling, remember to get seen by a healthcare professional. 

On that note, let’s get right to it!  

Peer Support 

Naturally, when experiencing feelings like these, the first thing you want to do is to tell someone close to you. Whether you are looking for some realism or reassurance, it is something that we all do on a daily basis and is an excellent way of managing feelings of worry and anxiety.  

For the most part, peer support works well. These people can navigate us through some of the most challenging moments of our lives and can often offer guidance or advice from a viewpoint that you had considered. In addition, getting an outsider’s perspective into what you are concerned about will enable you to fully assess the situation at hand.  

However, while we recognise this is a method of managing anxiety that works for some people, it is not a one-size-fits-all. For example, some people find it challenging to talk about their feelings to others, mainly if they cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that might be worrying them.  

There are other methods to try for people like these, which can be self-administered during anxious moments. This leads us to the following point.  

Alternative Therapies 

When things like talking do not work, it can often feel challenging when figuring out how best to tackle the feelings of anxiety you are experiencing. We get it; we have been there once or twice ourselves, and it is a challenge.  

With that being said, you are not at a complete loss, for there are various alternative therapies available through multiple companies and organisations tailored specifically for managing these feelings. CBD products are one such example.  

CBD items have been said to drastically decrease feelings of anxiety when faced with public situations, much like those coming up in the post-lockdown world! Cali Greens and other companies provide interested parties like yourselves with various products, including the best CBD oil drops in the UK. There is a product available to suit your needs and circumstances.  

Administer products like these during particularly tense and anxiety-ridden situations, and feel confident you will not become overwhelmed with emotion.  

Breathing Exercises 

It seems a bit obvious, but keeping your breathing at a steady pace during anxious moments is critical. When we get panicky, our breathing changes, and then we panic about that, and it gets worse. It is indeed a vicious cycle to break out of once you are stuck there.  

At the same time, there are things you can do to keep your breathing on track during anxious moments. Unfortunately, our heart rate increases during these moments; actively practising these breathing techniques will help keep your breathing at a steady level and reduce your racing heart rate and bring it to a normal rhythm.  

The 4-7-8 breathing technique is often recommended and is used by experts and beyond. Not only does a method like this allow you to focus on your breathing, but it also keeps your mind focused. As a result, you will not be thinking about the situation at hand but instead about yourself, which is perfect when managing your feelings of anxiety.  

While we recognise these will work for some people, they might not work for others, which is okay. Take the time to figure out a technique that works for you, and use it as and when you feel necessary. One thing to remind yourself; you will not be the only one feeling this way. It will be okay in the long run too.