TACHYS Return With Striking Second Single SIGNIFY

By Vee D

After gaining a buzz with their first single When The World Wakes Up, with BBC 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne calling the song “absolutely brilliant”, Mew side-project Tachys have returned with their second single Signify.

Signify is an eerie electronic pop song. The song deals with the relentless bombardment of stimulus we experience in our world, what that does to our minds and our calmness, and how we see ourselves. And that serves as kind of a backdrop to a more personal story in the song, of ill-fated decisions and the resulting consequences.

The fine line between the dream state and reality can at times be quite grey. Sometimes life can feel like a waking dream, or like a double-dream with a false awakening. The dream only becomes comprehensible given the fuller perspective of life after you wake up, or maybe, the pictures never stop.